World in Facets is a personal IP founded by Mat Szulik, to explore the world built out of facets. It's an ambitious project that connects art, design, fashion, architecture and woman beauty. It's like looking at the world through Mat's eyes.
The first published project in this IP was the World in Facets: PARIS series.

Mateusz Szulik is an illustrator, creative designer, art director, VR enthusiast and a father of 3, based in Poland. Using a combination of unique designs, intriguing composition, colors and dreamlike lighting, his signature style is atmospheric and ethereal.
He started his commercial journey in one of the top Polish advertising agencies serving local and international clients, where he got all the knowledge about the advertising world, art/design and working with clients. He was 20 years old at that time.
After years of working as an employee, he felt it’s time to level up and focus more on achieving his inner goals. So he jumped into the unknown and started his freelance career. While he was confident to work in many styles, he was constantly looking for something that could be his own and recognizable. One of his early clients (about 7 years ago) was Bełchatów - the biggest lignite mine in Europe. This is where he developed his lowpoly style for the first time. To make the style stand out from other lowpoly images, he added a softer, paper feel and interesting lighting to it. He was working in this style for some time, for example for the LabelExpo event in Brussels.
Then he was invited by the M&C Saatchi to create a series of illustrations advertising new destinations for the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi. It was a huge task, short timeline and a very demanding client. So he enhanced his style, dropped the cartoony look and paper feel and created something new, something that fit to the airlines vision and Middle East culture and architecture, especially UAE - the Etihad home. This series got a fantastic response all over the world and got featured by Adobe, Behance, Fubiz and more. Some of his other clients were Davidoff, Audi, IBM and ChronoPay.
But Mateusz did not stop refining his style. He had that bold vision in his head, vision that was on the intersection of art, design, fashion, architecture and woman beauty. He wanted to throw some fresh air into this artstyle and define his very own lowpoly look. He spent another 2 years developing this vision, often working long nights. This is how his personal IP was born - the World in Facets ( ), which is going to be a hub for all the works, ideas and experiments exploring his very own, recognizable style that he named faceted.
The first published project in the series is the World in Facets: PARIS. Mat has chosen the city of love for his first series, because he felt it’s the most enchanting, moody, glamour and inspiring place full of culture and beauty. But this series is just a beginning! World in Facets is an on-going and ever evolving project following Mat’s vision and personal goals.
Next project he’s going to publish in the nearest future is the World in Facets: ABU DHABI, which feels like going back to the roots. Mateusz thought that the rich Arab culture was definitely not explored enough in his Etihad works so he’s working on new illustrations showing this unique region like seen through his eyes.