I am proud to present you my new, personal project - the World in Facets: PARIS. This project is very special for me - I've been working on it for the last 2 years, and below you can see a part of the work I did during that time - 24 completed illustrations.
My goal was to throw some fresh air into this artstyle and define my very own lowpoly look. Actually I don't want to call it lowpoly anymore. 
I'm calling it faceted

Why Paris? 
I visited this beautiful city 6 years ago and (together with triangles) it quickly became my obssesion. I couldn't pick a more enchanting, moody, glamour and inspiring place full of culture and beauty for my first series. First? Yes, it is just the beginning! I feel more inspired and motivated than ever to create more faceted places, show the woman's beauty and create fashion and architecture with facets. So I'm officially launching my World in Facets project, which is going to be a hub for all my faceted ideas. 
Rome and Abu Dhabi are already in the works, so stay tuned!
The process of creating these illustrations depends on the object mostly. Some models were created in low poly already, some objects were created as high-poly models first, then automatically processed to look like low-poly and then refined by hand. And some, like clothes for example, had to be “sewed” first, simulated on the body, turned into facets and then refined. So the amount of work was very diverse.!​​​​​​​
Now I invite you to look at Paris through my eyes.​​​​​​​
"Promenade du matin"
"le café I"
"le café II"
"le café III"
"matin sur le balcon I"
"matin sur le balcon II"
"lumière du matin"
"lumières de la nuit"
"Vénus de Milo"
"la baguette"
"la fleur I"
"la fleur II"
"la fleur III"
"Admirer la Tour Eyffel"
"le shopping I"
"le shopping II"
"robe et talons"
"Jour de pluie I"
"une promenade du soir"
"Jour de pluie II"
"Jour de pluie III"
"le tunnel"
"escalier blanc"